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maxresdefaultThe journey of TACEF in the last 2 years can been summarized by the impactful milestones like Maturity, disciple-line, heavyweight of glory, living in the womb, manifesting wisdom, trading in the wealth currency of nations, holiness and honour.  All these culminated in the big declaration of the mandate as a GREAT HOUSE, with a guaranteed certainty of a great future that will be characterized by
  • A great revival in our church and
  • A great future for every participant in the vision.
However, we understand that this sure promise comes with a huge demand- we must  genuinely and passionately labour to enter into our promised land. We have a cheque that we have to work on carefully until  it becomes a “cashable cash”.
We understand by prophecy that 2016 is a traceable foundation year of our greatness and every subsequent year will represent great things that Heaven shall be building on it. In essence, every TACEFite is a work in progress unto GREATNESS.
As we transit into 2017, the big question is “what do we lay as the first stone on this foundation of transgenerational blessing and greatness that the Lord has set for us in 2016?”. What must be our first stepping stone on this foundation of greatness? When the Lord promises a man a future of greatness, what does he or she start with as a token of the encounter?
The greatness coming upon this house requires a different kind of attitude to kingdom service. The foundation that has been laid in 2016 requires a new approach to how we serve God in this GREAT HOUSE. 
We can not do anything UNREASONABLE! We cannot just do anything for the fun of it! We cannot just do anything…it must make sense, it must be reasonable.
How unreasonable is it for a man to be given a foundation that was made to carry 25-storey building and the man chooses to build a mere bungalow on it. How disastrous is this diminishing sense of service! 
God is calling this household unto a new level of SERVICE that can carry the weight of GREATNESS with a reference to Romans 12:1, “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your REASONABLE SERVICE.
This REASONABLE service is one that makes sense, one that worths it- one that is deserving of a God that is sharing His greatness with us- one that will stand the test of time- one that comes with REASON ( application of our intellect, passion, meaning, knowledge, self awareness etc.)

Welcome to a year of REASONABLE SERVICE.

God bless you.